Off Track Betting, Phoenix, NY

Off Track Betting, Phoenix, NY

Western New York Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation retained Bell & Spina to solve ice damming problems at their Phoenix, NY satellite facility.

Removing the ceiling to make corrections was not an option, since the Owner did not want to close the facility for any length of time. The repairs had to be completed from the exterior and this approach meant the thermal envelope originally planned at the ceiling would be moved to the underside of the roof deck, creating a warm attic space condition.

The exterior repairs involved removing the existing asphalt roof shingles and installing continuous underlayment membrane, rigid insulation and a vented insulation board. Follow-up with this project has revealed that ice damming is no longer an issue on the building and utility bills have greatly improved.

"Bell & Spina's impeccable credentials as exterior envelope specialists, steadfast attention to detail and unparalleled concern for a quality project, set them apart from other architectural firms."

— Jan June, Director of Facilities at Finger Lakes Community College