Williamson Town Complex

Williamson Town Complex, Williamson, NY

The Williamson Town Complex exhibited severe ice damming and in 2008, the Town of Williamson retained Bell & Spina to investigate the issue.

Our investigation found the cause of the ice to be warm air movement into and through the roof system, especially in the library which had an acoustical deck.

With the roof showing signs of deterioration and leaks appearing in multiple offices within the structure. Bell & Spina recommended a complete roof replacement. The roof system and wall-to-roof interface was redesigned to eliminate the existing thermal shorts, and the eaves were insulated around the entire building.

"Bell & Spina's impeccable credentials as exterior envelope specialists, steadfast attention to detail and unparalleled concern for a quality project, set them apart from other architectural firms."

— Jan June, Director of Facilities at Finger Lakes Community College